Monday, 18 March 2013

Borscht - Beetroot Soup, Warming and Delicious

Borscht - Beetroot Soup. It really warms you up. made

Borscht is beetroot soup.  Delicious.  Sweet, savoury and hearty, it is a staple in Eastern European cooking. When I was growing up we ate it often and my mother's recipe was complicated and included meat, probably a bit of boiled beef.
When I was in my teens, my mother acquired a new and easier borscht recipe and that is the one she used for the rest of her life. We all loved it because it contained tinned tomato soup, which probably made it sweeter.  I have made it many times too, but this time, I tried my niece's recipe. It's more authentic and it is certainly more delicious.

You can find it her recipe along with some other fabulous recipes. This one appeared in November 2011.

Have a look at it. Try it. If you don't feel up to it, you can always make the recipe for easy borscht below:

Easy Borscht
3 or 4  large, raw beetroot, peeled and diced (If you can find them, you can use canned beetroot, but they must not be cooked in vinegar.)
1 onion
4 cups water
1 can tomato soup
2 cups frozen peas
1 stick (4 oz) butter
2 sprigs of dill (dill weed)
1 bay leaf
Salt and pepper

Peel and dice beetroot and onion.
Put into water, add salt, pepper dill weed and bay leaf.
Bring to boil and simmer about 15 minutes until the beetroot is cooked.
Add butter and tomato soup.
Bring to boil again.
Add frozen peas and cop for 5 minutes.
Serve with a dollop of sour cream in each bowl.
Peel and dice the beetroot and chop the onion.


  1. This looks lovely and tasty I drink beetroot juice
    every day its supposed to be good for lowering blood pressure. I think soup might be tastier.

  2. Glad you liked my soup. It is the recipe from the Russian Tea Room Cookbook...and thanks for Grandma's quick recipe. I didn't have it. Cheers!