Saturday, 28 June 2014

Why I Love Bloglovin'

Last summer, when Google Reader was about to shut down, I joined Bloglovin', mistakenly thinking that Blogger Reader was going too. Bloglovin' has both daily and weekly feeds.   The daily feeds are the ones that I am currently following and the weekly feeds (on Sundays) are popular blogs that the Bloglovin' cookies choose for me.  They're right. Many of them are just what I want to see and there is the opportunity to search for similar blogs to add to my feeder. Sometimes they get it wrong.  I'm really not into self improvement blogs, but I love all the fashion, sewing,  quilting and cookery blogs.

Here is how my blog appears on the list.  I love that there is a compilation of recent blog photos and a tiny snippet of the text. Although I still use Blogger Reader,  I enjoy seeing what comes up on Bloglovin'.  Bloglovin' keep up the good work.

I am aware that the formatting on this blog is not great, but I am powerless to improve it.  Sorry about that.