Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Knitted Sampler Scarf

Hubby wanted to borrow something I had knitted today to use as a prop for a seminar he is giving.  He is going to be 'interviewed' for a job on 'Simply Knitting' magazine and present himself as someone who has knowledge of knitting.  (Stop laughing.)
I dug around in my bag of winter scarves in the loft and found this one.  It is made of Alpaca wool and it is a sampler scarf.

I was inspired by the owner of a little boutique in St Brieuc, in Brittany, who had the most beautiful things in her shop.  She sold a few bits of exquisite material including real Breton linen, buttons, ribbons and trims and some wool. Unfortunately, she is no longer there. I came across her knitting a scarf similar to this one one day and decided to try it for myself.
It is called a sampler scarf because it combines several different kinds of stitches.  None of them are complicated and it was the perfect project for me as I am not an accomplished knitter. The stitches, shown below are a combination of basket weave, garter stitch, seed stitch and rib stitch.  I finished the scarf by crocheting a little scalloped edge on each end.  It's a lovely thing, but unfortunately, Alpaca is itchy! Hence, it was still in the winter scarf bag at the end of winter.
At the moment I am attempting to knit a sort of Aran cushion cover with cables.  Watch this space.  I may even finish it.

Here you can see seed stitch and basket weave.

This is a larger basket weave and a bit of stockinet stitching.

A close up of seed stitch and basket weave.

The smaller basket weave stitch - I did two sizes.

The pretty scalloped edging.


  1. Well First I wish your hubby luck with his job search but now he'll be obliged to knit ha ha wont he? It seems as if hubbys are trying to muscle in on the crafting of late my hubby's been making cards (well a card actually) see the blog for proof

  2. Lovely scarf - I can knit the basics but that's about it! Really feel he should have knitted a scarf himself though for it to count!! XX

  3. Good luck to your Hubby. I know he has a great resource. That is some complicated scarf. Beautiful! enJOYed