Sunday, 7 June 2015

Made in a Morning

A simple top made out of piece of batik in my stash.
I have been using some of my stash to try out some patterns. I bought some relatively expensive fabric in Paris a few weeks ago and I want to make two tops.  Instead of making toiles then I decided to make some wearable tops and if I liked them enough, I would make them again out of the better fabric. This one will be very useful in warm weather, but I don't think I like the shape well enough to make it out of the French fabric.

While I was making it, I thought I could also do a tutorial on a couple of 'tricky' techniques.
The back view.
How to face a neckline.

The finish of your garment can make all the difference between it looking home-made or professional.  My mother sewed beautifully (better than I do) and she was very particular about every stage of her work.  I was always proud to wear something she made and I would like to think that I am living up to her standards.

Cut out your facing and iron on interfacing.

Use a biro and a tape measure or ruler to mark the seamline.  This will make it much easier to stitch.

Stitch along the marks pivoting carefully at the point.

Trim the seams to voice bulk.

Carefully cut a notch at the centre of the V.

Clip the fabric around the curves.  This is a very important step to ensure the facing lies flat.

Trim the seam allowances at the shoulder seams.

Press and edge stitch facing to avoid 'rolling'. This entails stitching through the facings only.

Turn over and stitch through shoulder seams. This will prevent facing flapping and showing.  It eliminated the need for hemming which can spoil the look of the top.

Inside view of facing.

Trying on the top.  Photo courtesy of Hubby.

Attempting a 'selfie'.


  1. Thank you for the facing information. I often hate sewing v-necks because of the "flapping" issue or the bulky wrinkling of the facing after washing. I think I see what I have been doing wrong, and I look forward to using your techniques in the future.

    1. Thank you for your comment. This is a tip I got from someone who did some sewing for me. It's so much easier than hemming the facing and it eliminates the little stitch marks that always show on the right side of the garment.

  2. I never thought to stitch over the shoulder seams. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Thank you for your comments. This tip came from another seamstress. t's great because it's so quick and easy.

  3. Looks great!!!! I think you look terrific in the selfie too! :)