Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Simple Cushion Covers

My daughter recently moved into her own house. She does not have much furniture yet and thought floor cushions would be good. Her colour scheme is black, grey and white. I
 just happened to have some large cushions in my stash and we decided to use black twill. They do not look black in my photos, but they are.
Here's how I made them:

I used a T square along the cut edge of the fabric and drew a chalk line to ensure that it was straight.

Then I cut along the chalk line.

I knew the measurements of the cushions, but I laid one cushion on the fabric to check it before cutting.
(Hideous, aren't they, but I bought them to cover.)

Next I measured to the cutting line and drew another chalk line where the fold would be.

I placed the cushion on top of the folded fabric for one last check.

I folded and marked the fabric and cut it.

To make sure my seams would be straight, I marked the stitching lines.

I stitched along two sides, leaving one side open to put the cushion in.

Then I clipped the surplus fabric at the corners. You need to clip enough to make a good sharp corner,
but not so much that it will fray when turned through.

I turned it and very carefully poked out the corners, then pressed it using a cloth.  This is important on dark fabric so it doesn't mark.

Finally, I put the cushions into their covers, tucked in the seam allowance and stitched the ends closed by hand. (You could stitch them by machine if you wanted to.)