Saturday, 19 July 2014

Breakfast in St Malo

 My favourite thing to do upon arrival in France is to go straight to St Malo from the ferry port.  This holds all the expectations and anticipations of a summer in France. It is the beginning of what we hope will be another memorable summer. There is something magical about St Malo in the morning.  It is fresh and bright.  The shop owners and stallholders are setting up.  The streets are being cleaned and the pavements are being swept. The people who are about are the residents of St Malo, out to buy bread or have a coffee and read the newspaper and we feel part of this.  We speak our ‘first day French’- net yet honed by the familiarity of hearing the language and remembering our hard-learned vocabulary. We manage to make ourselves understood and to achieve almost what we ordered.  Then we settle down to read a French newspaper, enjoy our coffee and croissant and watch people going by.

 Another lovely summer in France.