Monday, 26 May 2014

Shopping in Stockholm

I think this means Design Corner.  It was one of my favourite shops.
I have long wanted to visit Sweden.  Then after reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and the Wallander books and watching Scandi-Noir on television, I made it a goal to get there.  Don't be misled. I wasn't going there for the fictional crime, but for the scenery and the design.

In early May, a friend and I spent a lovely week travelling around the part of Sweden, ending our journey in Stockholm, where I intended to shop till I dropped, or similar.  Sweden is very expensive, so I did more window shopping than actual shopping, but I enjoyed that just as much.  Here are some of the things we found. Design Torget was my favourite shop for looking.  Everything was very tempting, but I had to keep in mind budget and packing.  I bought a few things from less expensive shops which I will blog later.  For more information about where to go, see, a good sight for all things design.

Trays, cutting boards, and tea towels at Design Torget.

Trays, napkins, spoons and some dear little coffee mugs.

Fun, plastic plates.

Mugs.   Very tempting, but too hard to pack.

My favourite tea towel.  I resisted as it cost £15.

A good selection of throws and towels

Cotton Rugs