Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Working on Lisa's Quilt at the Sewing Club

The quilt is very worn in places and the wadding is showing through.
Lisa's quilt was hand made in the 1970s.  She had it on her bed from the age of 7.  It is now on her son's bed and it is sadly in need of repair.
At the last sewing club, we joined together to help Lisa repair her quilt, just like an old fashioned sewing bee.
Elaine cut out the hexagons, I pressed them and four others sewed the hexagons together to form the flowers to cover the parts of the quilt that are now worn out.

Eventually, it will be restored and because the fabrics she is using are vintage Laura Ashley, it will be beautiful and have some authenticity.

Vintage Laura Ashley Fabrics for Lisa's Quilt.

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  1. What a lovely collaborative project! A little trip down memory lane for me too - my very first flat had the kitchen decorated with Laura Ashley wallpaper in the cream/green floral design but reversed i.e. green background with flowers in cream.