Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Cheerful Trio for the Kitchen

 The three objects in the photo are a tea cosy, a cosy for a cafetierre and a bag for bags.  I had this cheerful yellow fabric for years before making it up.  Originally, it was for an apron.  However, I saw a bag holder in a magazine and realised it was a perfect solution to the plastic bag problem. (I used to just stuff them under the stairs.)
Even though these days we do not have as many plastic bags as we used to, we still have some.  They are useful for lining bins and I like to separate meat, bleach and dairy products from my other shopping. I don't want lingering smells in my cloth bags.
The tea and coffee cosies are lined with wadding and some white fabric.  They keep the pots lovely and warm and ready for a second cup.
The bag of bags hangs on the back of the kitchen door and we just stuff plastic bags in whenever we have them.  It is simply a long tube, hemmed at the top and with a handle.  It has a casing at the bottom edge and elastic threaded through it.  This keeps the bags in place and and allows easy access to them.

The top of the bag has a handle for  hanging. 

You just stuff bags in the top and pull them out at the bottom.

The bottom of the bag is elasticated.
Bags stay in but are easy to pull out when needed.


  1. Lovely colourful kitchen things. Do check my blog in the morning as I have a post especially for you about soup bowls. x

  2. Very pretty very spring like. There are some lovely fabrics about at present and these make great gifts for the crafty types amoung us.