Friday, 11 January 2013

A Belated Happy New Year

Early morning view from my window in Brittany.

Happy New Year.  I have been quiet so long because we were away where there is no convenient internet connection. We celebrated the New Year in Brittany once again.  Some of the the things I love about winter in Brittany are the quiet and solitude; the comforts of our home there and the wonderful, stark scenery of the countryside. Here are some photos that say more than I can:

The stands of bare trees and the huge skies

The old stone buildings with slate roofs.

The architecture of the trees.

The twisted beams in our cottage, hewn from oak trees and shaped by hand 250 years ago.

Blazing wood fires that heat the whole house.

An old friend and a new one.

The silk butterfly is something hubby bought before he knew me.
The batik print is something hubby bought just this year.


  1. A bit bleak you might say but very atmospheric I love the trees especially when you get that bright blue sky behind them when its cold and slightly frosty.

    Mind you cant wit for the spring and then the summer find the cold makes the old bones ache ha ha
    Happy New Year

    1. Thank you for your comments. Yes, it is bleak and I am happy to be back in London again where there is no mud to wade through to get out of the house. Still, it was a very relaxing time, snoozing in front of the fire and not worrying about anything for a change. I too look forward to spring. My new issue of Country Living is about spring. Happy New Year.

  2. Born and raised in the middle of nowhere, (Hampshire actually), I now loathe being away from civilization. London lights for me - or other cities - the countryside scares me. So - enjoyed the pics - they are lovely from afar!