Saturday, 28 April 2012

A New Summer Dress

Sewing restores my equilibrium.  It's been a busy and interesting week, but I am longing to sew.  I have several pieces of beautiful fabric waiting to be made into summer clothes. Today, being rainy and overcast,  is the day to begin. Then when the sun shines, I will have something lovely to wear.

Here is the pattern. I have chosen the one on the right.  I've had this pattern quite a while and now I think is the perfect time to make it.  It will slide over the waist, which is good, but I am thinking of making an obi in one or two of the colours to cinch in the waist when I want to look more urban.  Sew Today (Vogue Pattern Magazine) featured obis on many of their dress in the February 2012 issue. Does anyone else love this magazine as much as I do?

I think just below the knee will be a good length.  It will bring this pattern up to date.  You can see the fabric below.  It's a beautiful Liberty/Rowan cotton which reminds me of the paper umbrellas we used to play with as children.

These are not fuzzy photos.  The fabric is muted and and the design has been softened.  
Happy Weekend.


  1. I so love the fabric - it should look stunning on a summer dress - only where is the summer?

  2. Found you through Totally Tutorials. Your blog is lovely. I look forward to see your new dress finished.

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