Sunday, 8 November 2015

A Little Bit of Crochet

The beginning of a scarf in Larksfoot pattern.
I have not done any sewing for months and now that I am convalescing from an operation, I can't.  I am not allowed to do any housework (yay), cooking, etc nor can I lift anything heavier than one litre. This puts severe constraints on my activities as you can imagine. It is particularly frustrating when Hubby (who has been an Angel) is away at work and not here to help me.  Fortunately, I was warned.  I did everything I could pre-op and planned a few light activities to amuse myself while convalescing.
This embryo scarf is one of them.
I have forgotten how to crochet and I am very slow, but it is coming back and it is wonderful to be able to create something, no matter how small or how slow.
I can do this from a reclining position so there is no guilt about 'over doing it'. I chose the colours starting with the sale bin at Elys Department Store in Wimbledon, then moved on to find others to coordinate with them. A trip to Liberty with my daughter (also pre-op) gave me the opportunity to buy enough wool for a second scarf. If all goes well, they will make good Christmas or birthday presents for friends. If I don't feel they are up to scratch, I will wear them myself.  I'm not proud.
My inspiration for this scarf was this from the blog 'Little Treasures' which you can find at:

I am following the tutorial at this site:
Try as I might, I can't form a link here, but if you go to the site above, there is a link to the tutorial.  I think the stitch is so pretty and it is not difficult to do once you get past the first row, which is always a difficulty for me.

From The Little Treasures Tutorial.

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