Sunday, 11 November 2012

Brocade Evening Bags

I have just returned from the USA where I spent a happy day with my friend who would definitely win the 'Whoever has the most fabric' award. We played happily with a box full of furnishing fabric samples which she purchased for 25 cents each.  She also acquired handles and trims from sales and at discounted prices in shops to compose a beautiful array of treasures which will become lovely, elegant bags Here is the almost finished prototype.  The lining, which is a suede type of fabric will need to be stitched in by hand. Although this is not quite a tutorial, I  will show you what we did a little farther down on the page.  My friend plans to set up a production line and then set to work to make these for Christmas presents or to sell.

Here is the stash

Collection of materials for first bag

Another collection for two more bags

More more more

I love this red!

Glorious gold

Subtly gorgeous creams and blues

My favourite

Outside of bag with wadding inside and trims sewn on.

Making the Bag

Cut two pieces for the bag and one long piece for the lining.  The finished bag is approximately 11" by 8" (like an A4 sheet of paper).

With right sides of fabric facing, stitch the beaded trim to the bottom of the bag pieces with a narrow seam, ensuring you catch the trim inside.

Interface the bag with interfacing, or wadding.  We used wadding.  If you want to quilt it, now is the time.

Close up of trim.

Add trims.

Stitch side seams with right sides facing.

Turn under top of bag about 1" and stitch.

Add handles by making tabs and looping them through the handles.  Stitch to inside of bag.

Stitch lining fabric by folding the long ends together and stitching on each side, ensuring that it is slightly narrower than the bag itself.

Slide lining into the bag and fold under surplus material, then finish by hand.

Bag and lining

A better view of the beaded trim.

Lining from inside.

Sliding the lining in.

Almost finished.  Just needs the lining stitched in.


  1. You've done a fabulous job co-ordinating trims and fabrics and the pink handle is just perfect.

  2. Your favourite is mine too.
    Great idea for prezzies.