Friday, 11 May 2012

Shirt Dresses - Vintage and New

Vogue Pattern Magazine April 2012
For summer nothing beats a shirt dress.  This from a woman who lives in cropped trousers and t shirts, but I would like to think I could be grown up enough to wear shirt dresses instead.  This summer I plan to make two or three and wear them.  They are elegant, forgiving and comfortable.  Forget the wasp waist.  I'm only showing this to make a point. Shirt dresses can be loose and flowing and tied at the waist with an obi or ribbon to dress them up (on non-dining out days!).

An old favourite which I plan to update by shortening it to just below the knee and extending the shoulders a little.

I wore the one on the left in the early 80's.  It was made of wine coloured silk and I wore matching shoes and a silver belt.  I had a waist then!  I've never made the one on the right, but I think it's lovely.

These two are from the late 80's or early 90's.  I love them both.

I think I stole this from my mother. Might make it and adjust the shoulders. Very 90's.

Late 70's.  I bought this pattern on e bay in a fit of nostalgia for Willi Smith.

More from the 90's.

Very ladylike.  Vogue.  1990's.

This is so sweet and fresh.  It's 90's but could be worn now.  

More Vogue from the 90's.  Can you imagine wafting around in this on  holiday?

Isn't this gorgeous? Vogue 90's again, but right up to date if you remove the shoulder pads.

This one is called a playsuit.  For the under 25's. Circa 1992.

Vogue 1990's again.

Another beauty from the 90's  Vogue. ?there's something so refreshing about checks.  Unfortunately, school uniform has spoiled all that.

From an old McCalls magazine.  Circa 1950. Look at the price.

Very romantic -  Simplicity Magazine, 1957.

Nylon was a big breakthrough in fabrics in the 1950's.  It may have been hot and sweaty, but it required no ironing.

1950's McCalls

1950's McCalls.  Made in wool and strictly speaking, not a shirtdress, but two pieces.  Who could have had a waist that small?  There was no photoshop then.  Wish the fabric was still available.
  Hooray for shirt dresses.  How can you not love them?


  1. Love shirt dresses but not keen on collars. My favourites were bought in the King's Road and were collarless and straight with three quarter sleeves and a frill around the neck and right down the front and at sleeve edges. One in shocking pink and one in black with pearl buttons - they made me feel so glamorous! Those were the days!

  2. Wow! Amazing collection of patterns you have here!!
    Long gone is the time of tiny waists :)
    P.S. Thank you for dropping by with such a sweet comment!