Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fortune Cookie Bag

These fortune cookie bags are wonderful.  So useful and pretty. I have made about a dozen of them and given them as presents to family and friends.  I saw something similar at the V & A awhile ago and thought it was such a good idea.  You can put just about everything in it.  It can be used as a shopping bag (to save using plastic ones), for carrying your gym kit or your swimming things, to carry baby things, or even to keep your knitting or crafts in.  I have used mine for most of the above (no babies). One of my friends wore hers to a wedding.  Another friend called it a "Tardis' bag as it holds so much.

This is what it looks like when it is flat.  

This is another one with the 'ears' tied to make a handle.
To use it, you simply tie the 'rabbit ears' together and sling it over your arm or over your shoulder.

How to Make It

You will need two squares of fabric 30" by 30" (76cm x 76cm).
With wrong sides together, cut a diagonal line from the top left hand corner to the bottom right hand corner.
Now cut a diagonal line from the top right hand corner to the centre of fabric.

Finally, cut a little square in the middle of the V (about 4" by 4").

With right sides together, stitch the smaller triangles to the larger triangles, leaving a little space at the top to insert the gussets.

Make a little gusset by folding the squares in half and inserting them in the V's of the bag as shown.  I have used white thread so it is easier to see.  However, when I make this bag, I will use matching thread.

The one below is finished.

Stitch all all around the sides and bottom of the bag, leaving the centre free.

Stitch down the inside of the bag handles ('ears') about 7".

Finish all raw edges by edge stitching or zig zagging.

Press, turn to right side and you are finished.

To use the bag, tie the handles together at the top.  You can wear it over your shoulder or over your arm.


  1. Thanks for tutorial - now just one more things on my list of 'to do'! xx

  2. Looks great a good way to bring a bit of colour into your wardrobe and it looks fairly simple. Lovely beach bags I would imagine made up with some kiddy fabric and you might be able to get the children to carry their own costumes and towels down to the beach for you ( for them sorry)

  3. A great little bag!!! It looks like it would fold up easily to have as a spare bag in your handbag. Love the way it ties together to make the handles. Thanks for sharing your detailed tutorial on how to make one.