Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The L R D - Little Red Dress

The dress with one sleeve.  Sleeved or sleeveless?

 While I was fiddling around with toiles, I found this dress, cut out and ready to put together.  It was next on my list, but I decided to pull it one forward.

The fabric is a beautiful double knit wood jersey which I got at a bargain price from McCulloch and Wallace (in London) because it was the last bit on the roll (about 1 1/4 metres). I had to squeeze the pattern out of it, but there was just enough.

This dress will be suitable for the holidays with a bit of jewellery and nice shoes, but it can be dressed down with thick tights and boots.

 My big dilemma is whether to add the sleeves or not. My gut reaction is that the sleeves look matronly.  However, in an English winter, sleeves are  a necessity.  I have decided to put it to one side today and look at it again tomorrow when I will cut out the lining and try it on again.

I need to make a decision about the neckline as well.  The original pattern has quite a deep slit in the front.  I may keep it simple and settle for a jewel neckline

The sleeve is just basted (tacked) in.  You can just see the pretty dart detail.

The original pattern, Very Easy Vogue 8824.  I decided against pockets.

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