Monday, 28 October 2013

Meet Matilda

Meet Matilda.

I have finally invested in a dressmaker's dummy.  She is quite lovely, slim and lithe, and curvy in all the right places. She is not quite my shape, but Matilda, as I have named her, will be perfect for photographing and blogging my sewing projects, much better than putting them on hangers then searching around the house for places to photograph them.

Speaking of which, photographing Matilda has made me realise that I need a designated mini 'studio' with changeable backdrops,  good lighting and a no furniture creeping into the corners of the pictures.  Must work on that one.

Here is Matilda in some of the things that I have made.

Chanel Jacket - a sweatshirt transformation, posted in 2011.

The Little Red Dress just waiting for facings and hemming.

A Willy Smith big shirt, made in 2011 with a pattern from the late 1970s.

A summer dress posted in 2012.

A Vogue outdoor jacket, made three years ago, but not posted.

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