Thursday, 10 October 2013

Back in the Land of Blogging


I will be making this jacket out of the pink and purple tweed shown below.

Back to blogging and the land of the living again.  After a lot of travelling and 10 days of jet lag, I have finally had two good nights' sleep and feel ready to get back to sewing again. There are lots of projects I wish to start or finish. Now I just have to sit down and do them. Today my pattern arrived  and I found two pieces of fabric in my stash!  How lucky is that? I can't wait to get started.

The pattern is a Vogue wardrobe pattern, number 8916.  In the 90s I made lots of Tamotsu wardrobe patterns to wear to work.  I love Vogue patterns and have subscribed to the magazine (Now called 'Sew Today') for years.  They are always cleverly accessorised and I find the use of fabrics inspirational.  I also appreciate that Vogue patterns fit me.  I only have to make a few adjustments to get a perfect fit.  This time I am using the pattern for two separate outfits.  I will make the jacket in the purple/pink tweed to wear with skirts or trousers and the two piece in the grey tweed.  The two piece was inspired by an outfit in Hobbs.  It comes in mustard (which I love, but can't wear) and navy (which I can wear, but I feel I can make it for a lot less.)


I will make this two piece outfit  in the grey tweed below.  I copied the photo from the Vogue website and it is pixelated.  The photo on the pattern sleeve is a bit blurry. It's a no win situation.

Line Art

I may put the skirt on a bodice, so it fits nicely under the top.  I plan to lengthen the sleeves a little and to shorten the top so it rests nicely over the top of the skirt.

This lovely fabric has a slight bit of gold thread in it.  It will  make a super jacket.

And this grey tweed has a tiny thread of silver in it.  Very trendy.  Inspired by something I saw in the shops, I plan to make the two piece 'dress' out of it. 

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