Sunday, 20 January 2013

A New Quilt

Draft One of the Quilt.  I don't like the very light stripe. 

The colours seem unbalanced.

This strip quilt is made from a Liberty bundle.  A rush of blood to the head made me buy it. That can happen in Liberty's. I saw a beautiful quilt made up and that was it.  However, I am not yet happy with the arrangement of fabrics and there will be more drafts before it is finished.  The light stripe to the left of the centre looks washed out and seems to shout, 'Here I am'.  I also think there is too much concentration of yellow on the right side and not enough balance of colour and tone.  Call me Mrs Fussy.

One more thing.  If you should succumb to a Liberty bundle, know that the strips need trimming. They are not straight and ready to sew.  I found this out the hard way when I put the first two strips together.  There was a definite bulge, so I took that seam out and measured and straightened all the strips before beginning again.

Below is draft two. On the advice one of my clever artistic friends, I trimmed the width of the  offending strip and moved it to the right.  It was then a matter of turning around a couple of pairs of strips to get a much more balanced arrangement. I wish I had a design board.  Must make one.  There is almost no place in this house to hang anything up for photographing.  (Too much stuff!) Must do something about that.

Draft Two of the Quilt.  

Taking advice from a friend, I side a bit of re-arranging.

I found a beautiful piece of Liberty lawn for the backing at Calico, 3 Ram Passage in Kingston-upon Thames. They have a large selection of Liberty prints and they were willing to take endless time with me until we found the perfect one. If you are a sewer and you live near Kingston, do pay them a visit.  If you don't live nearby, they have a website: and an email address:

The backing fabric is a very subtle Liberty Lawn.

Now all I need is the wadding and I can continue.  That won't be soon as it is snowing in London again and looks like continuing through the week.  I am not willing to take the car out in this weather. Instead, I am off to work on the kimono.

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  1. Love the backing fabric and also the deeper red in the quilt. Looking forward to seeing it finished.