Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Kimono for My Friend

This pattern should make it quick and easy.

 I need to get started on this - soon. A friend's birthday is coming up and a long time ago I promised to make her a kimono. As you can see, the pattern is for a costume, but it looks quite traditional and I think it will be lovely when finished.

Before I embarked on this project, I searched online for ideas and patterns for kimonos. I decided to go with the commercial pattern because I just want to get on with it and know it will fit.   I didn't want any hiccups.  It's so much easier just to cut and sew something that has been measured accurately and tested before being put on the market. Sometime in the future, I may try the other way for me.  I can fuss around with it until it is right.

There is a delightful site at  I found it by googling along with many others, some including directions and patterns for making a traditional kimono.

My friend loves bright colours. This kimono will be used as a dressing gown, so the cotton fabric will be perfect as it is practical and washable. I tried to find traditional Japanese kimono fabrics on line, but did not have much success.  If anyone knows of a source, please tell me.

This is the fabric I will be using.
The colours are beautiful and it is washable.


  1. I also like tried ad true patterns that I use over an over again. Thank u for stopping by my blog! Your blog is lovely, will follow now.

  2. I so love kimonos and I'm sure that your friend will be most appreciative. x