Sunday, 5 February 2012

Still More Jackets

This jacket was made using a navy sweatshirt and two men's ties. I cut off all the ribbing to give the sweatshirt a different shape - looser and less sporty. I inserted one tie at the centre back with the large point at the bottom of the jacket. This gave the jacket a bit of flare.  The sleeves are trimmed with the left over pieces of the first tie. Another tie is pleated and draped round the neck to form a collar.  For this I used the whole tie.

This jacket was a Christmas present for my sister.  
After cutting off all the ribbing, I made a V shaped neckline.  I used an old Vogue jacket pattern for the collar, which is made of felted wool with yarn and embroidery thread overlaid. The same fabric is used for the cuffs. The blue in this fabric matches the vibrant royal blue of the jacket and it really is quite dressy.   It could be worn for day or evening with a fitted dress or a pair of black trousers and a neat white t shirt.

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  1. Great idea with old ties. I came across similar idea in NZ last year and thought how inventive - they were expensive. They also used old silk scarves. xx