Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hooray for Spring

The days are getting longer at last and I no longer have to rely on my light box to avoid SAD.  Last week I tidied up our tiny front garden with some rosemary and thyme plants in our stone troughs.

I replaced the decorative cabbages in the tiny box a friend brought for Thanksgiving with two primulas.
Don't they look pretty.

Yesterday at the supermarket, having manoeuvred my trolley to the end of the queue and waited patiently until I was only second from the cash desk, I spotted a lady with a little basket of 6 primulas.  I abandoned my position in the queue to go and search for a little basket of posies for myself. I bought some truly tasteful (not) plastic pots and planted them the minute I got home.  Here is the result.

Finally, the garden is coming to life.  Here are some of my tulips-to-be.  Hooray!

Welcome spring.


  1. How lovely to see some fresh herbs and pretty flowers - our garden looks pretty neglected so hopefully I can get out there sometime soon and do something about it. xx

  2. They look really beautiful! Thanks for popping over to my blog for a visit :) I haven't seen the magazine yet, but hopefully I can track it down here soon,
    Have a super week,
    Mel x