Saturday, 18 February 2012

Gadding About

I have spent this week gadding about with friends, going to the cinema, seeing an exhibition, wandering around London and Chichister and having fun.

On Wednesday, I saw the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Tate Modern.  Her paintings and creations are beautiful and disturbing, but these three could provide inspiration for collage, appliqué or embroidery.

Walking down The Cut, near Waterloo Station, a friend and I came across a small shop selling vintage and crafted accessories.  Unfortunately, the shop was closed, but I managed to take this photo through the grill on the window.  I will go back.  I love hats and would love to make some. This is my inspiration.

On Thursday, I got my fix in Liberty's fabric department.  Unfortunately, lighting was not good for photos, but there were lots of beautiful new fabrics.  My idea of heaven.  Outside of the main door, there is a florists which always has the most lovely things.  Here is a spring display, taken quickly between pedestrians crossing in front of me.

And last, but actually first, on Monday I saw this wonderful cake in a bakery in Chichister.  All ready for Valentines Day or the Mad Hatters Tea Party?

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  1. The Tate exhibition certainly does look disturbing - a very weird mind indeed! Love, love the hat - also very weird but in a wonderful way!