Saturday, 26 April 2014

Patchwork in Paris, plus ribbons and trims.

Molines Mercerie at 6 Rue Livingston in Montmartre.
If you are a crafter/ home sewer in Paris, you must pay a visit to the area at the base of Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. It's full of wonderful places to buy fabrics and craft materials. The one I visited is Moline Mercerie on 6 rue Livingston. It is a complete treasure trove for anyone who likes crafting with fabrics, ribbons, etc and I wanted to buy one of each!  It is located near Montmartre and not difficult to get to.  Take the Metro to Anvers.  Come out of the station at the exit that says Sacre Coeur, Funicular and cross the road.  Turn right and browse your way past all the fabric shops, turning left on Rue Seveste. Follow this up to where it joins St Pierre (two blocks) and turn right.  There you will find two Molines, nearly opposite each other.  Head for Molines Mercerie. It is by far the best one.

Patchwork fabrics with matching bias bindings.

Plain fabrics, patches and ribbons.

A huge selection of ribbons, trims, zips, etc.

More patchwork fabrics.

Colour co-ordinated patchwork pieces.  There are several walls of these.

A view of Sacre Coeur peeking out from the trees.

There is another mecca for crafters called La Drogerie. It is located in the area of Les Halles at 9 - 11 Rue du Jour.  I did not get there on this trip, although I have been to one in Nantes. It is superb, offering wools for knitting, buttons and trims and hundreds of projects to inspire you.  If you google it, you will see what I mean. As if Paris isn't wonderful enough, it has all this too!

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  1. Very envious of your recent trip to Paris! Love all those stores around the Sacre Couer.