Friday, 27 January 2012

Jackets from Sweatshirts

While in the USA in 2010, I went to a Sewing Exposition with a friend.  We saw Londa Rohlfing’s stand.  ( She does wonderful, decorative jackets made from sweatshirts.  I blithely told my friend that I would make her one.  I should have bought the book!
Anyway, here are the results.  Once started, there was no stopping.  I have now made five of them and have the material for two more.

This was my first jacket.  I decided to make it into a Chanel-style.  I bought the sweatshirt from Cotton Traders and the trim in France. 
·      To make, cut off the cuffs and ribbing from the neckline and bottom edge.
·      Carefully measure the centre front and cut in a straight line from neckline to base.
·      Make a little pleat in the centre back and stitch on your machine (about 2”). 
·      Try on the sweatshirt and mark the desired length and sleeve length.  Cut off surplus. 
·      Use bias binding to finish all raw edges, then sew trim on around the neck, down the front and around the sleeves.  Cotton Traders’ sweatshirt have a large logo on the front which I covered to make a faux pocket. I also made two faux pockets at the bottom.

·      I used snaps (poppers) for fastenings which won’t show. 

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  1. Hi Annabellouise ... I have been directed to your new blog by Becky the lovely girl who lives with my son ... If you click on my link you will find out all about me and what I do - I think we have much in common. Love the idea of 'Chanel' from old sweatshirts. Might give it a go ... we certainly have a wealth of sweatshirts. Do email privately with questions or comments. xx