Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Where to Find Fabric Shops in Paris

Bolts of fabric outside Tissus Reine.
We had four wonderful days in Paris last week.  It was meant to be three, but due to a meltdown by Eurostar on Thursday, our stay was extended for a day.  Yippee. That meant another delicious meal in a neighbourhood cafe/bistro near our hotel and a morning coffee among the Parisiens on Bouldevard de Courcelles.
However, the highlight of the trip for me was a trip to Montmartre to find the mecca for people who love sewing. To get there, you must take the Metro to Anvers.  Go out of the station where the sign says Funicular, Sacre Couer. Cross the road, turn right and then left on the Rue Sevestre. There are fabric shops everywhere, but the best of the lot is Tissus Reine, located at 3 - 5 Place St Pierre, which runs at a right angle to Rue Sevestre.  You can't miss it.  It's large. There are bolts of fabric outside (special offers) and inside there are three floors.  The ground floor has dressmaking fabrics.  Patterns, haberdashery/notions and furnishing fabrics are upstairs. Nothing is cheap, ( There are lots of places with cheap fabric nearby.) but everything is very good quality and there is a lot to choose from.

Shirting Fabrics.

Liberty Lawn

Liberty Lawn

Liberty Lawn

Liberty Lawn

.Jersey Fabrics

More Jerseys.

Silky Fabrics

Gorgeous Wool Tweeds with Co-ordinating Linings.

Mixed Fabrics.

Front View of the Shop

Bargains outside the shop.

Les Coupons de Saint Pierre.  Coupons are Remnants.

Jersey fabrics seen through the window of another shop.

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  1. A visit to Paris, topped off with fabric shopping... I can only dream of such a wonderful holiday!!!