Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Easy Christmas Stockings

I last made Christmas stockings 29 years ago, just before my daughter was born, during that last adrenaline rush that comes with the nesting instinct.  They are still in use and are filled every year for my grown up children who reciprocate and fill stockings for us with delightful and amusing  things.

This year, or the first time,  my daughter will not be at home for Christmas and so I made stockings for her and her partner to have in their new home.

I thought minimalist would fit their lifestyle best, so I used a neutral coloured background and did not add any appliqué.

The original stockings are in traditional Christmas colours and have gingerbread men and snowmen appliquéd on.

The Snowman who is stained with age and use 

The Gingerbread Man, always the favourite

Back view - a silk wreath

Back view - a Christmas Tree

I used an old linen skirt that I couldn't bear to part with, but can no longer wear.  Following a paper pattern made from tracing the old ones, I cut out four stocking shapes. I added some Liberty fabric for the toes and cuffs, varying the colours so that they could be distinguished from each other. I lined them so that they wouldn't collapse when filled.  Finally (not shown), I sewed purple ribbon loops on the backs so they can be hung. Today we visited my daughter's new house and they are full and plump and hanging up, ready to be opened before they set out to Yorkshire for Christmas with his family.

Almost finished

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