Sunday, 1 March 2015

My Next Quilt - Using Lotta Jansdottier Fabrics

Fabrics laid on in order on my cutting board.  You can just
see my mother's quilt peeking out underneath.
I am very excited and quite apprehensive to be starting my next quilt.  Oh, the agony of indecision before cutting into the fabric.
However, I am triumphant to have a collection of Lotta Jansdotter fabrics to play with.  I bought some at John Lewis (in the sale) and the rest online from a company in California. Because they are such lovely colours and the patterns are so interesting, I want to make a quilt that is simple in design and one which will showcase the fabrics.  I have chosen 'Washing Line' from the book 'Quilt Me" by Jane Brocket.  It is made of three panels of horizontal stripes, with the fabrics carefully coordinated by tone and colour.  This photo shows just one of the arrangements, but it is the one that I want at the heart of the quilt. I will start it this week.  I hope it is simpler than my last one and if I am pleased with it, it will hang over our bed as a sort of wall-hanging, headboard.
Wish me luck.

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  1. The fabrics are beautiful! How is your quilt coming along?