Monday, 20 January 2014

A Belated Happy New Year and Goodbye to All That

The little Christmas tree waiting to be planted out.
Happy New Year.  It's a fine, crisp day in London. It's supposed to be the gloomiest day of the year, but there is a lot to be happy about and I am always glad to clear away all remnants of Christmas and return to normal living. Much as I love Christmas, I love the plainness of the rooms when everything is tidied up.
Yesterday, I risked life and limb to go into the scary part of the loft to put away the Christmas decorations.  Three years ago, I put my foot through a slat in the floor and, apart from being very frightened, I bruised my leg very badly.  I really don't want to go  into the loft any more, but needs must. So, phew.  That's done.
Our little tree has travelled to France and is resting in a sheltered spot until it can be planted out.  We still have to decide where.
Apart from that, there are signs of spring everywhere and I am enjoying that.
The white heather is France and London are holding out bravely.  The next hard frost will kill them off, but I am enjoying them while I can.

The white heather.

The brave little plants in France.

More white heather.

A few green shoots, just as the Chancellor predicted for the economy.
These will be little yellow daffodils called Cheerfulness.  Very appropriate.

Yellow hyacinths getting ready to bloom on my kitchen table.

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  1. Oh how signs of spring would be so nice. The weather man is predicting 20 below tomorrow.
    Happy New Year! Keep feeding us springtime pics!