Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Part 4 - Merry Christmas - The Tree and the Wreath

The tree in situ.  I propped a mirror behind it
to catch the sparkle of the lights.
 This is my last blog before Christmas. I will be spending my time draping the overmantel with holly, making cookies and wrapping presents. but I just wanted to share my tree and wreath with you., This year we decided to have a small, living tree.  We hope to plant it in France where we have a lot of land, as opposed to our tiny London garden.  If it grows well, we will be able to take fir branches into the house during the holiday season. Having a tiny tree has made the holiday season easier.  As we have a big open house on Christmas Eve, a large tree looms in the room,  it gets in the way. Before it goes up, I must get all my dishes, etc out of the corner and ensure that nothing I need is behind it.  And then on Boxing Day, it all has to come down as we usually go to France for New Year.
  All my life I have been opposed to 'designer' trees, loving the colour and mix of ornaments from different stages in my family's life.  There are Disney ornaments from relatives in the States, some rather psychedelic ones from the 60s, some from my mother's tree and even a rather ratty looking Boy Scout star made of waxed paper, which has been hung on the tree since I was five. When my children used to help me decorate the tree, we would talk through the origin of each ornament as it went up. I miss that, but the kids have their own homes and their own trees now. Anyway, they will be home for Christmas.

So this year, I had to be very selective about the ornaments, using mainly white and gold, inspired by the tin angel I found for the top. I have been collecting ornaments since I was a teenager - a long long time ago - and I love every single one of them. So, in spite of the colour scheme, the pickle, the onions and the pears had to be on the tree. It wouldn't be Christmas without them.  Maybe next year we will revert to form and have a big tree again, but for this year, I will enjoy the tiny tree and think about  how easy it will be to pack up.

Our wreath.
My local florist is a magician with flowers and greenery, but this year she surpassed herself. I chose the fruit and nuts that she had on display, but the arrangement is hers and isn't it wonderful.  I refuse to take it down until the end of January.  We get comments, but I don't care. It adds life and colour to a month which can be very grey.

A close up of the wreath with limes, oranges, apples, nuts, berries, cones and lotus flowers.
Being a foodie, it combines all my favourite things.

Merry Christmas

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