Sunday, 17 March 2013

Jenny's Kimono

 Having promised my friend Jenny a year ago, that I would make her a kimono  I am pleased to say that it was finished and delivered on Friday.  It came out well, even if the pattern was incomprehensible in places and I just had to make it up as I went along.  But that's another story.  Soon I will blog about pattern instructions that are difficult or impossible to follow.  I imagine anyone who sews has had that experience.
The kimono is made of a bright pink and purple polyester cotton.  As it is going to be a dressing gown it will be easy to care for.  I used purple ribbons for the ties and made a matching purple obi.  The finished look was very pleasing and Jenny was delighted with her kimono.

Below you can see the kimono laid out with the purple obi loosely tied around the waist.  Notice the split sleeves.  Once I worked out what to do (no thanks to the pattern instructions), they were not too difficult. An added bonus is that everything was done on the machine.

Kimono with purple obi

A closer view of the split sleeve

Jenny in her kimono


  1. Wow! This turned out really beautiful! The colors are very vibrant. Good job!