Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Patchwork Teddy Bear

This teddy is made from an old American quilt and he spent many years in a cupboard, away from tiny, chocolatey hands.  He was liberated a few years ago when I remembered him and wondered where I had put him.  I think he is truly beautiful and he has pride of place on the bed in the guest room.
Ted was made for me by my good friend who does lots of crafty things. I blogged about her bags in the autumn. She constantly surprises me with her new ideas.
At one time, old, raggedy quilts were available at jumble sales, etc.   If you look closely, she salvaged what she could of the quilt.  There are some small tears and very worn parts. If she had not done this, this quilt would have become cleaning rags. My friend made several of these and mine is a treasured possession.
Some years ago, I was invited to a local quilting group. I didn't last long.  I am not really very good at delicate hand sewing, but I think the thing that finished me was Ted. I proudly brought him in to show the others.  There was a collective gasp of horror at the 'vandalism' of an old quilt, and that was that.  I never showed my face there again. Do I mind?  No, I am a modern sort of woman.  I like machines. I also like the fact that something that was once used can be used again in another way.


  1. Whilst I love quilts I also admire those who can take something torn broken or damaged and give it a new life. I see little point in being precious about it. So I with you leave those stuffy people behind.
    I received the same response when I got my mother to cannibalise my wedding dress to make a beautiful Christening dress for my daughter. The wedding dress no one would have ever worn as it would have been dated. The Christening frock though will now be a family heirloom just the sort of thing one can pass along in a family.

  2. love the bear by the way he's adorable