Sunday, 10 February 2013

Free Giveaway, Fortune Cookie Bag

The bag opened up and lying flat.
I first blogged this bag on 31 March 2012 and now this fortune cookie bag will be a gift to someone who wants it.  It measures approx. 70 cm x 70 cm (27.5" x 27.5") and can be folded up to handkerchief size.  The fabric is a colourful stripe in a heavy cotton. It can be used for:

  • a crafts bag (for knitting, crochet or patchwork
  • a nappy/diaper bag
  • a sports kit bag
  • a shopping bag
  • a carryon for travelling
  • a beach bag
  • an ironing bag 
  • etc., etc...

The bag is used by tying the top two points together to make a handle and because it is deceptively large, it will hold more that you think.  One of my friends described hers as 'a Tardis'.

Below you can see two views of it tied and with just a few things in it.

Here it is with one fold:

With two folds:

With three folds.  It is now about handkerchief size.

To win this bag, you need to do three things before the 1st of March 2012:

1.  Leave a comment on this blog and tell me what you might use the bag for.
2.  If you have a blog, mention my blog on it.
3.  Give me a link to your blog so I can look at it. (I could spend all day looking at other people's     blogs.)
The winner will be chosen by the  Random Number Generator.


  1. Hi, lovely bag. I think there should be a closing date on the post? I shall blog about this tomorrow and am already a follower.

  2. I recognise this fabric I made my daughter curtains for her lounge in her student house. I love it because its so cheerful and you could team it with so many colours.
    Love the bag by the way