Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Next Quilt

I love these fabrics and I am longing to get started on this, but on Monday I will be going to the USA for two weeks to see family, so it will have to wait until I get back. At the moment I am busy working and packing. 
The bundle of Libertty lawn fabrics (smaller pieces) are from Very Berry Handmade. If you haven't looked at her blog, do so.  It's wonderful.  I am really inspired by Ali's things and hope to live up to her standards.

The two pieces of mauve lawn (1.3 metres each) will be used as strips between blocks, for backing the quilt and perhaps for sneaking a few bits into the quilt pattern itself.

Mauve lawn from John Lewis

Liberty Prints from Very Berry Handmade

The mauve really compliments the Liberty prints 

Another view of the Liberty prints - delicious! I think this quilt will be for me.


  1. Oh ... great choice of fabrics. Have a great trip and keep safe.

  2. Enjoy Michigan while you're here!! Thanks for the quilt comment!
    I buy Liberty's from Ali, too! But I am jealous of your larger pieces, I can't wait to see this come together!!