Saturday, 6 October 2012

Blue Wedding (Make do and Mend)

The blue wedding outfit comes together.

When a friend's daughter got married in September she requested that guests wore blue to compliment her choice of an eau de nil dress.  This was a problem for me as I already had two newish wedding outfits and was reluctant to buy a third. (How many times do you wear them?)  Having left it until the end of the summer, I found there was nothing left in the shops.
Then Hubby shamed me by buying a new blue shirt and requesting a silk flower for his navy blue suit.  I had to improvise, and quickly.  There was no time to start from scratch and make a new dress.
Riffling through my wardrobe, I found a classic Laura Ashley dress which I thought could be updated.   I hemmed it to knee length and added ribbon trim to give it the appearance of being Empire waisted.  With a pretty cardigan found in the sales and trimmed with coordinating ribbon, it came together.  A corsage of blue ribbon finished the outfit.  Success.

Ribbon trim to suggest Empire waist

The blue cardigan trimmed with ribbon.

The ribbon corsage.


  1. Well done - amazing outfit - now you can spend all that saved money on fabric! x

  2. I love the idea of adding ribbon to give the illusion of the empire waist! Sometimes the best refashions are the simplest. Thanks for visiting over at ReStitch Me. :-)

  3. Simple yet classy touch! I think the blue makes the white dress even prettier!