Sunday, 27 May 2012

Tea Towel Bunting

There is still time to make bunting before Jubilee Day (5 June), the 4th of July, picnics, barbeques or summer parties.  I liked the idea of making it from tea towels, as they are cheap and colourful. It takes about two hours from start to finish.  It’s a fun project to do and very satisfying to see it blowing in the breeze.

What you need:
2 tea towels (I chose red and blue because of the Jubilee)
4 meters of seam binding
Lining material (I found some in my scrap box)

Make a pattern with a sheet of plain white paper.  I used A4, folded it in half lengthways, then drew a straight line to make a triangle. There is no correct size, but mine is about 9 ½ inches by 7 ½ inches.

Place one tea towel on top of the other, pin your pattern on and cut.  If you have a rotary cutter this will be easier. 

Arrange your pattern so you get the maximum number of triangles possible.  Some will fit into the V of the last ones. (I cut the last ones on the bias).  Cut out lining using the same paper pattern.

With right sides together, stitch ¼ “ from edge on long sides.

Clip bottom point as close to stitching as you dare.  Trim the edges near the point.  This will ensure a better point when you turn it through.

Clipping the point

Turn and push a blunt pencil or something similar into the point.  Press.

Starting at the center of the bias binding, pin your triangles into place.  (I like mine touching).

Stitch into place.

Fold the bias binding over the raw edges and stitch again as close to the edge as possible.  Stitch the tie ends together at the same time.

If you want to, you can add rings to the ends for hanging the bunting, or you can just leave the ends plain and tie them into place.   

N.B.  The photo shows only half the bunting. I have 8 flags left to add to this because I bought too little bias binding.  I plan to double it as soon as I can get some more!

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  1. Absolutely fabulous on my blog I made bunting and suggested you could use household linens etc so great. I think recycling fabric is a very wise move. Apparently in the UK some village is using recycled fabric to make bunting for the whole village for the Jubilee
    Anyway just so you know my blog address has changed due to trademark problems I am now rather than constant crafter so please check if you are following me that you note the change thanks