Monday, 14 May 2012

Monogrammed Aprons

These aprons were easy to make.  I simply traced around the favourite apron in the house - large and long and with ties long enough to wrap around the waist. I added seam allowances at the sides and about 1 1/4 inches top and bottom for substantial hems.

I drew the pocket patterns on paper too, so if I ever want to make more (very likely), I have the pattern pieces ready.

What you need:
About one meter of fabric for each apron.    
A set of D rings for each apron 
A contrasting colour for the monogram.
A small piece of  Bondaweb for the monogram.

To make the monogram:
 I made my own letters on graph paper, but you can find them online.  Once you have got a pattern, trace the letter on fabric or cut out using your pattern.  Use Bondaweb to iron the letter on to the fabric.

I did mine on a pocket before sewing it on to the apron. After ironing the letter on, I zigzagged around the edges in a very small stitch, going around twice to avoid raw edges.If anything went wrong, I could do it again before it was too late.  Imagine picking all those stitches out of a finished apron! 

Here they are finished and hanging up.  You can see they have adjustable neck straps, folded through the D rings.  The ties are very long.  Being about to wrap them around stops the apron from slipping when you are cooking.  Nice to have a big pocket for a cloth or tissue too.


  1. Very nice. I made some aprons last Christmas for my hubby. As you might know if you follow my blog (you have made comments) but hes a fan of the hairy bikers and sees himself as a fellow hairy bloke(no motorbike just cycle though)
    So I made him two aprons he's messy you see. I didn't think to do lettering I like that idea though will try next time I think

  2. Hi again! I'm so glad I stopped by because I LOVE these aprons you made. I've been wanting to make some for ages but I just couldn't find one that would adjust around the neck and waist. But now here it is! That jump ring is just perfect and the long ties would make the apron fit anyone. I'm going to try to copy your idea and see if I can get a pattern together. Thanks a lot!

  3. Lovely aprons - I would love hubby to wear one - but as he seldom goes in the kitchen it would be a waste of my time to make one.