Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Make do and Mend - A Denim Quilt made from old jeans and a sleeping bag.

A few years ago I made a quilt using an old, ragged sleeping bag and several pairs of old jeans.  My daughter cut the jeans up into rectangles. (12” x 14”)   She kept some pockets and labels and removed others to give the quilt some texture and interest. 

I sewed them together on my machine using a large needle.  This is necessary to avoid damaging the tension of the machine.  (Very costly to have it fixed!)

Next, I used a brushed cotton sheet for the backing. Placing the denim patchwork and the sheet right sides together, I sewed three sides together part of the fourth side.  I turned the fabric to the right side, pressed it and put the sleeping bag inside. This is like putting a duvet into a duvet cover. 
Once it was straight and smooth, I pinned it in several places. This is best done on the floor. I hand stitched the opening.

Finally, I used crewel yarn to stitch through the layers at intervals to form the quilting.  Stitch through all the layers as straight as you can, then tie a knot and a little bow on the brushed cotton side of the quilt.

This quilt is very warm and cosy.  It works well as a day-time bed cover or a throw for watching TV.  The denim makes it very heavy to sleep under.  I am currently making another one out of old shirts and other clothing.  Watch this space.

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