Thursday, 24 September 2015

Quilt in a Day - Not

My one and only completed block.
Yesterday, I went on a 'Quilt in a Day' course at a wonderful shop called Patchwork Cabin in Great Bookham. We were meant to make a large quilt top in one day.  (See below.) Our tutor, Julia, was lovely and very helpful, but I found the whole process stressful because the photo on the left is the only block I finished! And I am a confident sewist. (Sewing from the age of 12 will do that for you.)
Perhaps the project was too ambitious.  It took me all morning to stitch together 40 x 10" blocks, slice them diagonally (I had help with this.) and stitch them together in another way.  Then, we were meant to slice them again and re-stitch them.  The finished result of all this labour is on the left and I'm not sure I even like the fabrics.
This has not put me off making quilts. Far from it, but I may not finish this one. Back to my Lotta Jansdotter - a more modern quilt with fewer fiddly pieces and colours I love.

This is the tutor's quilt.  Beautiful and something to desire,
but maybe not something to aim for. 

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  1. I have had some frustrating workshop experiences too - don't fret!