Saturday, 2 August 2014

Making a Simple, Lined Curtain

The finished curtain, which has only a little fullness.


This is a very simple curtain which can be made in an hour or two.  It slides onto a pole, so there is no curtain tape to worry about.  I made this curtain to cover a dormer window and I didn't want fullness, so I cut the width plus turnings.  As I was making this in England for France, I did not want to find that it was not wide enough when I got there, so I added a few inches for luck!

Measure the width of your window and if you want fullness, double this measurement. If you want the curtain to hang straight like a blind, do not double the width.
Add 1 1/2 inches on each side for turnings.
Measure the length of your window and add 8 inches for  top and bottom hems. This will give you a deep hem, but that makes the curtain hang better.
Turn under the sides ¼ inch and press, then edge stitch*.
Turn under another 1” and edge stitch again.
Turn under the top and bottom edges ¼ inch, press and edge stitch.
Turn down the top edge enough to accommodate the pole with another 1/2 " so it slides on easily.
Press and edge stitch.
Turn up the hem the required amount and edge stitch.
If you want the curtain to be unlined, this is all you need to do. Just press it and hang it.

*Edge stitch.  This is simply lining up the presser foot and stitching as close to the edge as possible.  It gives the fabric a nice, crisp finish.

To line the curtain:
I used blackout lining, which my machine does not like, so I did as little stitching as possible.  Because it does not fray, I attached it to the curtain without turning under the top edge. I stitched along the stitching at the bottom of the channel. I then fastened it at the sides by doing an invisible hemstitch.  In fact, I usually hemstitch the lining to the curtain as it is less likely to pull one way or another.

Measure the lining exactly as you did the curtain, but add only 5 inches to the length.
Turn under the sides ¼ “ and then 1 ½ “ and stitch.
Turn under the hem ¼” and then enough so that it is just shorter than the curtain.
Stitch the top of the lining just under the space left for the pole.
Pin and attach the sides of the lining to the sides of the curtain by hand with an invisible hemstitch.
Blackout cannot be ironed, but if you are using lining fabric, press the curtain again. 

A view of the wrong side of the curtain.

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