Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Thanksgiving Table

Orange flowers and candles, rust coloured napkins and 

little place cards with leaves on them.  Perfectly autumnal.

Closeup of the flowers.

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday, 24 November because it is not a national holiday in Britain.

We have many British friends who join us every year to celebrate a holiday that is essentially American. It is a day filled with laughter and fun, and of course, over indulging in food and wine.

I use my mother's linen table cloths, starched and ironed, and some of her china.  As we use each thing, I remember past holidays and family and friends who are no longer with us. The joy of Thanksgiving is that it is  also a time to celebrate the here and now.  My children now bring their young adult friends who add so much to the occasion.

I always have three small centrepieces ono the table - there is no room for anything large.  This year I used orange bowls, candles and flowers and found rust coloured napkins on line.

The table looked lovely, thanks to my daughter, the local florist and friends and I want to share it with you.

Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday to all who will be celebrating it.

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  1. That is the loveliest Thanksgiving table I've seen. I love the history and memories behind the things you bring to the table, both literally and figuratively: the plates and tablecloth, the recipes, the traditions - and also your mismatched chairs! I would be grateful just to be invited to celebrate on such an occasion! Hope it was wonderful.