Thursday, 6 June 2013

Early Summer Garden

The view from the kitchen door.

 This spring has been rainy and cool, but now the sun is shining,  everything is verdant. Too much so, as I can't keep up with the weeding (one handed). It's only a tiny London garden.
Hubby strimmed the grass, bless him, so it looks a bit tidier.
Several times a day I look at the garden just because it makes me happy.  I also find excuses to be out there when I should be doing something else, like sewing - still difficult and one handed. Hanging out the laundry is a joy again.

Flowers and herbs

Georgina the Goose on guard in the garden.

Fading Pansies and Burgeoning Geraniums 

The peony getting ready to bloom and my lovely foxglove.

My Little Angel with Blue Pansies

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