Sunday, 28 April 2013

Letting Go

These little girls in bikinis were very daring for the 1970's.

I have been collecting patterns, pattern books and catalogues for most of my life.  I love them.  Can't get enough of them, but the time has come to let some things go.  These in particular are hard to part with.  I bought them in Paris, in some little haberdashery shop near Montmartre in the 1970's.  I needed inspiration for a small mail order business I had then, making and selling children's clothes.   
Two weeks ago, Hubby and I braved the loft, with the intention of clearing it out.  We are both hoarders, so it was hard to do.  We lasted two hours and I made several trips to the tip and local charity shops, feeling very virtuous when I had finished. We will  need to do it again, but your back gives up after two hours of being bent double under the beams.
I threw away a large dustbin bag of patterns that I knew I would never use again, nor would anyone else.  I saved some of the better ones to sell on ebay. I would happily donate the good ones to a charity shop, but I have seen them wrap china and breakables in old patterns.  They do not sell them on. 
I will be sad to see these go, but hopefully someone will use them or put them in a museum.  
And in a way, letting go is very liberating.  Now for the fabrics...

Does anyone remember kids in jumpsuits?

These little denim jackets are almost fashionable now.

Very French.  I love the side closing on this dress.

Chic little raincoats.

How about these duffle coats?


  1. I love all the old patterns the pictures are fun. But I know what you mean about turning out. I turned out our loft about 6 years back when we had a loft conversion. and I had to throw stuff away so sadly I found all our wedding cards and gift tags etc plus every card I received for my birthdays etc up till that date. I decided just to keep cards given to me by my hubby for all events. Still too many really but something had to go and some just had to be kept.

  2. I can imagine how hard this was! I am a craft (especially sewing) supply hoarder. These are the hardest things for me to let go. I think I will use your de-stashing as motivation and tackle this space soon. (Becasuse if you can part with such awesome vintage patterns, I should make myself part with the mediocre ones I have.)
    thanks for the inspiration!