Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Little Bit of Crochet in Granny Stripes

This little bit of crochet is thanks to Lucy at  It was her granny stripe blanket that inspired me.  You can find the pattern, as well as lots of other wonderful crochet, on her blog.

I decided to break with tradition and take my crochet to the knitting group.  For me, crochet is much easier than knitting as I can spot mistakes instantly and rectify them.  
Recently, I got totally fed up making a scarf horizontally ( hundreds of stitches) when I discovered mistakes in the first rows which I couldn't fix. I also decided to do a small project and hence, this will be a small blanket, about cot size. It may not take me a year to finish it! And if it works well, I may try a larger one.

I started with three balls of wool that I already had. Two were Rowan merino wool and the other was a French equivalent.

I took these to France with me when we had a short break and added a few more colours.  

These are not pure wool, unfortunately, but they have some wool content and the crochet hook size is the same.  At first I tried hot pink and a very bright purple as well, but they did not work so they have been stashed away for another project. I think the variety of colours in this still make it unisex.

Here are all the colours:

I think they work well.  I have now completed about 1/4 of the blanket. I did quite a lot in France where it is very pleasant to sit and crochet without guilt about all the other things that need doing.  Since returning, however, I have managed 2 or 3 stripes at each meeting of the knitting group (too much chat), and a few at home in front of the TV when we are not reading subtitles.  (Enjoying BBC4s foreign thrillers on Saturday evenings.) Anyway, there is no rush and I am enjoying the making of it.  I hope to finish it in the summer when we are in France again.


  1. never have master the crochet thing but it would work with knitting too I would imagine I have started a knitted blanket with squares but I afraid I lost patience and have now just got a big bag of squares to assemble, it was that that put me off. I shall have to finish it though as what will I do in my bath chair with no blanket

  2. The crochet blanket is looking good - and the colours go so well.

    Also - Betsy - what fun - I also had something similar - though not as well dressed (cut from newspaper and coloured with crayons).

  3. So pretty! I love the colors you are using in the blanket.

  4. This is gorgeous! Love the colors and the beautiful stripes!